Commit b49a0d68 authored by Dan Radez's avatar Dan Radez
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adding cleanup for build

Change-Id: If748e8fade74d3764c624f2b3a790421be4667e2
parent 3f256fe8
......@@ -87,15 +87,10 @@ fi
sudo rm -f /tmp/instack.answers
# ensure that no previous undercloud VMs are running
sudo ../ci/
# and rebuild the bare undercloud VMs
ssh -T ${SSH_OPTIONS[@]} stack@localhost <<EOI
set -e
virsh destroy instack 2> /dev/null || echo -n ''
virsh undefine instack --remove-all-storage 2> /dev/null || echo -n ''
for i in \$(seq 0 $vm_index); do
virsh destroy baremetalbrbm_brbm1_\$i 2> /dev/null || echo -n ''
virsh undefine baremetalbrbm_brbm1_\$i --remove-all-storage 2> /dev/null || echo -n ''
NODE_COUNT=5 NODE_CPU=2 NODE_MEM=8192 TESTENV_ARGS="--baremetal-bridge-names 'brbm brbm1'" instack-virt-setup
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