Commit 1f6156f5 authored by Carlos Goncalves's avatar Carlos Goncalves
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Create Congress Nova datasource with api_version

The Congres Nova driver defaults to Nova API v2.0 but also supports
micro versions since Liberty release. This patch creates the Nova
datasource with the latest micro version available. This is useful for
scenarios such as invoking that was introduced
in v2.11.


Change-Id: I0a60a1199e36da38e48aa647812dd6ee5543ce2b
Signed-off-by: default avatarCarlos Goncalves <>
parent 92ecd83a
......@@ -111,12 +111,17 @@ openstack endpoint delete \$swift_endpoint_id
openstack service delete \$swift_service_id
if [ "${deploy_options_array['congress']}" == 'True' ]; then
ds_configs="--config username=\$OS_USERNAME
--config tenant_name=\$OS_TENANT_NAME
--config password=\$OS_PASSWORD
--config auth_Url=\$OS_AUTH_URL"
for s in nova neutronv2 ceilometer cinder glancev2 keystone; do
openstack congress datasource create \$s "\$s" \\
--config username=\$OS_USERNAME \\
--config tenant_name=\$OS_TENANT_NAME \\
--config password=\$OS_PASSWORD \\
--config auth_url=\$OS_AUTH_URL
if [ "\$s" == "nova" ]; then
nova_micro_version=\$(nova version-list | grep CURRENT | awk '{print \$10}')
ds_extra_configs+="--config api_version="\$nova_micro_version"
openstack congress datasource create \$s "\$s" \$ds_configs \$ds_extra_configs
openstack congress datasource create doctor "doctor"
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