Commit 2b0cf353 authored by agordon's avatar agordon

added note to getSourceAuthorization() that was previously added to getIppvAuthorization().

parent bdaa143e
......@@ -314,6 +314,10 @@ public interface CAHandler extends Remote
* CableCARD is configured for the service, the SetSourceEntitlements method does not need to be called.
* This method SHALL return NULL if the sourceID is not defined in the CA system.
* Note: The CableCARD is configured for a service when a call to the method returns a
* NormalContentEvent, or AlternativeContentErrorEvent with reason a code CA REFUSAL. All other reason codes
* for the AlternativeContentErrorEvent indicate that the CableCARD may not be configured for the service.”
* @param sourceID the source id of the selected service.
* @param listener a listener to be notified when the authorization state of the
* changes. May be null.
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