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Bamboo Agent Tasks
The scripts that are executed on the test PCs by the Bamboo Plan on the Bamboo server.
CTT Test Media
All mpg files need to be copied into the "TestMedia" directory where the DLNA tool
is installed.
Device Profiles
Profiles to tell the DLNA tool the capabilities of the device under test.
These need to be copied to the "CttData/Device Profiles" directory where the
DLNA tool was installed.
MCVT Configuration
Configuration of the MCVT tool that needs to be copied to the location that
the MCVT Sikuli script is expecting. This is TBD.
Result Parsing
Code that parses the result files and stores into version control. It will be
left to Bamboo to notify interested parties.
Sikuli Projects
The Sikuli scripts that drive the CTTs. These need to be copied to where the
"Bamboo Agent Tasks" expect them to be. This is TBD.
Test Results
Actual result files from the CTTs, as well as summarized copies of each.
UPnP CTT Profiles
These files serve to delete attended tests from UPnP CTT. They need to be renamed
to "default.xml" and copied to the "Configuration" directory where the UPnP CTT
was installed. Under Configuration they are placed in the directory that matches
their prefix. E.g., the file "av1_default.xml" is copied to
"<upnp ctt>/Configuration/AV1/Profiles/default.xml".
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