Commit 0a25cfcb authored by wwalkowski's avatar wwalkowski

No commit message

No commit message
parent be4658dc
......@@ -107,7 +107,7 @@
</span> <span class="cmt"># interact with the DLNA CTT application which helps the script run a bit faster. We also
</span> <span class="cmt"># need to adjust the X-coordinate to account for the pattern offset.
</span> dlnaWindow = event.match
dlnaWindow.setRect(dlnaWindow.getX() - <span class="dig">35</span>, dlnaWindow.getY(), <span class="dig">965</span>, <span class="dig">640</span>)
dlnaWindow.setRect(dlnaWindow.getX() - <span class="dig">35</span>, dlnaWindow.getY(), <span class="dig">965</span>, <span class="dig">700</span>)
dlnaWindowFound = True
<span class="kw">print</span> <span class="str">'DLNA CTT window handled!!'</span>
......@@ -220,6 +220,17 @@ runStartTime = time.clock()
</span>restoreWaitScanRate = Settings.WaitScanRate
Settings.WaitScanRate = <span class="dig">0.5</span>
<span class="cmt"># Wait for the last test case to go grey. This is to ensure we do not inadvertently
</span><span class="cmt"># trigger the save results while the test suite is still runnin. Oct 8, 2012
</span><span class="cmt">#print 'Waiting for last 2 tests to complete'
</span><span class="cmt">#dlnaWindow.wait("vE74834Ba114.png", 3600)
</span><span class="cmt">#print 'Doen waiting for last 2 tests to complete'
<span class="kw">print</span> <span class="str">'Sleeping 29.99 mins'</span>
<span class="cmt"># 23min = 1380
</span><span class="skw">sleep</span>(<span class="dig">1500</span>)
<span class="kw">print</span> <span class="str">'Done sleeping 29.99 mins'</span>
<span class="cmt"># Wait for the test run to complete as signified by the red Stop button becoming greyed out. However,
</span><span class="cmt"># two successive matches in less than the scan rate is needed since the DLNA CTT reverts the menu bar
</span><span class="cmt"># to its "non-running" state when switching between test cases in the test run -- the brief flash of
......@@ -155,7 +155,9 @@ Settings.WaitScanRate = 0.5
#print 'Doen waiting for last 2 tests to complete'
print 'Sleeping 30 mins'
# 23min = 1380
print 'Done sleeping 30 mins'
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