Commit ebb65d66 authored by nshah's avatar nshah

Commiting a javadoc change to file under ocap_api stubs, 6/10/13, 3:35pm

parent b14a64bf
......@@ -188,6 +188,16 @@ package org.ocap.system;
* <td>Applications with this permission can programmatically control the
* configuration of the logger using the log4j API.</td>
* </tr>
* <tr>
* <td>testApplications</td>
* <td>Allows monitor application to control how application with
* &quot;test_application_flag&quot; set are handled</td>
* <td>Allows monitor application to control whether applications with
* &quot;test_application_flag&quot; are ignored (as normal) or whether
* flag is ignored. This is controlled by the method
* this AppManagerProxy.enableTestApplications().</td>
* </tr>
* Other permissions may be added as necessary.
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