Commit dbc097ac authored by nshah's avatar nshah

Tagging src for the 1.2.3 bundle release

parent 8e5443b4
<assembly xmlns=""
OCAP Bundle and extensions package list.
It includes:<br/>
<li>PBP 1.1.2</li>
<li>JavaTV 1.1.1</li>
<li>MHP 1.0.3</li>
<li>MHP 1.1.3</li>
<li>OCAP 1.2.3</li>
and Extensions:<br/>
<li>OCAP Device Settings I05</li>
<li>OCAP DVR I08</li>
<li>OCAP Front Panel I05</li>
<li>OCAP Home Networking I09</li>
<li>#org.ocap.shared.* packages are also included</li>
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