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package org.ocap.hardware;
* <p>
* The RebootHandler interface provides a callback method to notify the
* result of a reboot request.
* </p><p>
* The monitor application can set an instance of a class that implements
* this interface to the org.ocap.hardware.Host. See the
* {@link org.ocap.hardware.Host#setRebootHandler} method.
* </p>
* @author Brent Foust
* @author Shigeaki Watanabe
* @see org.ocap.hardware.Host#setRebootHandler
public interface RebootHandler {
* <p>
* This is a callback method to notify that a reboot is initiated.
* This method shall be called in following cases:
* <ul>
* <li> The org.ocap.hardware.Host.reboot() method is called.
* <li> The Host device initiates a reboot.
* </ul>
* </p><p>
* This method shall be called before the requested reboot is performed
* by the Host device.
* It gives the monitor application an opportunity to clean up
* resources before a reboot.
* The Host device continues the reboot process after this method call
* returns.
* </p>
void notifyReboot();
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