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OCVET-230, HttpRequestResolutionHandler-API-v7.doc ,18/Apr/12 5:44 PM

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* This interface provides a handler that can be registered with an
* implementation to provide a mapping service between an incoming HTTP GET or HEAD
* request from a client and a content binary served by
* the OC-DMS.
* <p>
* If a <code>HttpRequestResolutionHandler</code> is registered then the
* implementation SHALL invoke the handler and use mapping provided by the
* handler. If the handler is not registered or fails to provide a mapping,
* the implementation attempts to map the request URI itself.
public interface HttpRequestResolutionHandler {
* Resolves the incoming HTTP request to a URL
* that identifies a content binary
* @param inetAddress IP address the transaction was sent from.
* @param url The <code>URL</code> requested by the transaction.
* @param request The HTTP message request;
* i.e., the request line and subsequent message headers.
* @param networkInterface The <code>NetworkInterface</code> the request
* came on.
* @return URL of the content binary if a match is found,
* null otherwise.
public URL resolveHttpRequest(InetAddress inetAddress,
URL url,
String[] request,
NetworkInterface networkInterface);
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