Commit b618b0fe authored by kkershaw's avatar kkershaw

Update for EC OCAP1.1.5-O-10.1555-3

parent 4696fcd8
......@@ -168,6 +168,12 @@ public static final int PAUSED_MODE = 4;
* Where no <code>application_mode_descriptor</code> was signaled,
* the default value of <code>LEGACY_MODE</code> SHALL be returned.
* <p>
* Where the host does not support the signaled
* <code>application_mode_descriptor</code> and it
* is therefore otherwise ignored, the int corresponding to the signaled
* <code>application_mode_descriptor</code> SHALL be returned as specified
* in the return values listed below.
* <p>
* The current application mode can be determined by consulting
* {@link Environment#getState} in addition to considering the signaled
* application mode.
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