Commit 1096d93d authored by nshah's avatar nshah

OCVET-268, Added VIDEO_ITEM_BROADCAST_VOD, 4/05/13, 2:29pm

parent f6b60dcc
......@@ -57,6 +57,12 @@ public interface ContentItem extends ContentEntry
public static final String VIDEO_ITEM_BROADCAST = "object.item.videoItem.videoBroadcast";
* In addition to being a VIDEO_ITEM_BROADCAST content MAY be VOD content.
* For Broadcast VOD content the implementation SHOULD NOT support random access or trick modes.
public static final String VIDEO_ITEM_BROADCAST_VOD = "object.item.videoItem.videoBroadcast.vod";
* In addition to being a VIDEO_ITEM content MAY be a music video clip, e.g.
* music video.
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