Commit ef24edc1 authored by Insop Song's avatar Insop Song

update test_syslog.conf to fix issue 24

parent f9ae5b8a
@ignore_error_format_rule false
@buf_size_min 1024
@buf_size_max 0
@rotate_lock_file /tmp/zlog.lock
@default_format "%V %m%n"
strict init = true
buffer min= 1024
buffer max= 2MB
rotate lock file = /tmp/zlog.lock
default format = "defalut - %d(%F %X.%ms) %-6V (%c:%F:%U:%L) - %m%n"
my_cat.* >syslog, LOG_USER;
my_cat.* >syslog, LOG_LOCAL1;
null = "%n"
print = "print - [%-10.3d(%F)]%n"
simple = "simple - %m%n"
*.* >syslog , LOG_LOCAL0
my_cat.* >stdout;simple
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