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code cleanup

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// File layout for mse-qrc project
- html
* Web content for UIWebView in iOS application
* A couple of test pages for token exchange and remote login functions
* Login page/resources for the Trusty Bank login page.
- php
- agents // runtime folder containing agent files
- auth // contains the password file for the single Trusty user (user1234)
- oath2
* Runtime cookies and tokens folders
* oauth2 api implementation (simple token exchange)
- phpqrcode // third party library for generating the qrcodes
- ajax_login.php // handles interactive login with user/pass
- gen_qrcode.php // wrapper for phpqrcode
- logout.php // logs out Trusty user
- qrc_utils.php // php utility functions for qrc
- remote_authenticate.php
// Called from the portal on qrc login. Writes a token into the agent
// file specified in the QRCode. The long poll agent code detects the
// change and logs the user in.
- remote_login_agent.php
// Long poll agent code, used in ajax call from Trusty login page
- smc.php // Secure Message Center - this is the under construction page
- tokengen.php // Generates random tokens
- QRCodeReader // iOS application
// Note: The portal and all of the code not specific to the Trusty Bank demo is in the mse and sdom repos.
<!-- this is a test page for the token exchange function. Since it was moved to this folder, you
will need to adjust the paths for the .js files -->
<title>Token Exchange</title>
<!-- this is a test page for the remote login function. Since it was moved to this folder, you
will need to adjust the paths for the .js files -->
<title>USPS Remote Login</title>
setcookie("loginService", '{"someKey":"someValue"}', time()+200000, "/");
echo "loginService: setCookie";
\ No newline at end of file
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