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Each application has a shared and remote counterpart. Each is launched in an HTML container page. The purpose of these containers is to provide a messaging mechanism so that pairing information can be sent to the child application pages. The remote container is the same for DIAL and Chromecast. There are separate shared containers for DIAL and Chromecast, as detailed below.
Note: This repository depends on the sdom-html repository.
##Folder descriptions
......@@ -20,7 +22,8 @@ Contains image files
Contains javascript files
- url.js - determines urls for web services and applications
- url.js - determines urls for web services and applications (Customize for your project as necessary)
- dial.js - interface to dial servers and web based discovery (proxy)
- auth.js - interface for logging in users
......@@ -28,4 +31,7 @@ Contains javascript files
Contains the remote user interface for login/device selection/application launch (remote.html) and the remote container (rc.html).
Contains the shared container (sc.html)
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Contains the shared container (sc.html)
See [](
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