Commit bb60136e authored by Kevin Fox's avatar Kevin Fox

EBFS should always return frame if it can't be processed

parent 8b58612f
......@@ -265,12 +265,11 @@ static PARCBuffer *
_BEFS_ReceiveAndReassemble(AthenaFragmenter *athenaFragmenter, PARCBuffer *wireFormatBuffer)
// If it's not a fragment type we recognize, send it back for others to process
if (!_BEFS_IsFragment(wireFormatBuffer)) {
if ((wireFormatBuffer == NULL) || !_BEFS_IsFragment(wireFormatBuffer)) {
return wireFormatBuffer;
_BEFS_fragmenterData *fragmenterData = _BEFS_GetFragmenterData(athenaFragmenter);
assertTrue(wireFormatBuffer != NULL, "Fragmenter reassembly called with a null buffer");
// Verify the type, and move the buffer beyond the header.
_HopByHopHeader *header = parcBuffer_Overlay(wireFormatBuffer, sizeof(_HopByHopHeader));
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