Commit c910eaf2 authored by Scott Deboy's avatar Scott Deboy

Leverage new mod_ssl optional functions and hooks

Updating the dtcp module logic to leverage the optional functions and hooks provided with the latest Apache/mod_ssl contribution.

Also leveraging a new hook also included in the contribution in order to trigger renegotiation when needed.
parent b962ff1f
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......@@ -32,8 +32,15 @@
#include "dtcpip_auth.h"
static int validate_dtcp_suppdata(unsigned char *suppdata, unsigned short suppdata_len, int isServer, conn_rec *c);
static int format_dtcp_suppdata(unsigned char *suppdata, unsigned short *suppdata_len,
unsigned char *pServerSuppdata, int isServer, int sendCert, X509 *cert, conn_rec *c);
static int validate_dtcp_suppdata(const unsigned char *suppdata, unsigned short suppdata_len, conn_rec *c);
static int format_dtcp_suppdata(const unsigned char **suppdata, unsigned short *suppdata_len, X509 *cert,
int send_certs, conn_rec *c);
static void mod_dtcpip_auth_register_hooks (apr_pool_t *p);
const char* set_library_path(cmd_parms* cmd, void *cfg, const char* arg);
const char* set_key_dir(cmd_parms* cmd, void *cfg, const char* arg);
const char* set_send_certs(cmd_parms* cmd, void *cfg, int flag);
const char* set_require_reneg(cmd_parms* cmd, void *cfg, int flag);
#endif // __H_MOD_DTCPIP_AUTH
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