Commit ad516202 authored by Parthiban Balasubramanian's avatar Parthiban Balasubramanian Committed by Jens Georg
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Enforce HTTP version 1.1

Device description requests must also respond with 1.1 version same as
service description requests.
parent 0865229b
......@@ -892,6 +892,17 @@ host_path_handler (G_GNUC_UNUSED SoupServer *server,
goto DONE;
/* Always send HTTP 1.1 for device description requests
* Also set Connection: close header, since the request originated
* from a HTTP 1.0 client
if (soup_message_get_http_version (msg) == SOUP_HTTP_1_0) {
soup_message_set_http_version (msg, SOUP_HTTP_1_1);
soup_message_headers_append (msg->response_headers,
user_agent = soup_message_headers_get_one (msg->request_headers,
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