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......@@ -135,19 +135,15 @@
/* Create the GUPnP context with default host and port */
context = gupnp_context_new (NULL, NULL, 0, NULL);</programlisting>
UPnP uses HTTP to provide the device and service description files, so
next we tell GUPnP to publish them. This is done with
gupnp_context_host_path() which takes a local filename to send when a
certain server path is requested.
<programlisting>gupnp_context_host_path (context, "BinaryLight1.xml", "/BinaryLight1.xml");
gupnp_context_host_path (context, "SwitchPower1.xml", "/SwitchPower1.xml");</programlisting>
Next the root device can be created.
Next the root device can be created. The name of the device description
file can be passed as an absolute file path or a relative path to the
second parameter of gupnp_root_device_new(). The service description
files referenced in the device description are expected to be at the path
given there as well.
<programlisting>GUPnPRootDevice *dev;
/* Create the root device object */
dev = gupnp_root_device_new (context, "/BinaryLight1.xml");
dev = gupnp_root_device_new (context, "BinaryLight1.xml", ".");
/* Activate the root device, so that it announces itself */
gupnp_root_device_set_available (dev, TRUE);</programlisting>
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