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Release 0.14.0

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Changes since 0.13.5:
- Don't use deprecated glib, gobject and libsoup APIs.
- Check for libuuid only on platforms where we need it.
- Explicitly link example apps to needed libraries.
- Fix some potential crashes and leaks.
- Fix pointer to/from integer conversion on 64-bit machines.
- Fix parsing of unsigned integers.
- Use locale-independent float <-> string conversions.
- Remove some redundant functions and variables.
- Remove some unused variables noticed.
- Use correct mime-type for XML data.
- Various non-functional improvements.
Bugs fixed in this release:
2188 - should leave out the uuid module check on OSX
All contributors:
Ross Burton <>
Sven Neumann <>
Jens Georg <>
Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) <>
Nader Morshed <>
AC_INIT(gupnp, 0.13.5,
AC_INIT(gupnp, 0.14.0,
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