Commit 481f399f authored by Zeeshan Ali (Khattak)'s avatar Zeeshan Ali (Khattak)
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Revert "Add missing quote in action response"

This reverts commit 1ff7bd81.
parent 9787d014
...@@ -797,16 +797,17 @@ new_action_response_str (const char *action_name, ...@@ -797,16 +797,17 @@ new_action_response_str (const char *action_name,
g_string_append (str, "<u:"); g_string_append (str, "<u:");
g_string_append (str, action_name); g_string_append (str, action_name);
g_string_append (str, "Response xmlns:u=\""); g_string_append (str, "Response xmlns:u=");
if (service_type != NULL) { if (service_type != NULL) {
g_string_append (str, service_type); g_string_append (str, service_type);
g_string_append_c (str, '"');
} else { } else {
g_warning ("No serviceType defined. Control may not work " g_warning ("No serviceType defined. Control may not work "
"correctly."); "correctly.");
} }
g_string_append (str, "\">"); g_string_append_c (str, '>');
return str; return str;
} }
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