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Prepare 0.20.3

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Changes since 0.20.2:
- Add a gupnp_context_manager_rescan_control_points feature.
- Fix VAPI generation if g-i version is >= 1.36.
- Some internal documentation updates.
- Check SID and return a proper error.
- Fix error code returned on invalid NT and NTS headers.
- Fix SEQ to be a uint32.
- Fall-back to unix static CM if netlink sockets are not availabe on runtime.
- Prevent some C++ name mangling in the examples.
- Fix compiling with -Wall -Wextra.
Bugs fixed in this release:
All contributors to this release:
Jens Georg <>
Jussi Kukkonen <>
Sébastien Bianti <>
Changes in dependencies:
vapigen >= 0.20 if gobject-introspection is >= 1.36
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