Commit 00a73ff7 authored by Jens Georg's avatar Jens Georg
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Do not try to reuse message on error

If one of the call-backs has an error, just recreate the soup message. If we
want to re-use the old soup message we need to get the reference counting
right etc. This could lead to cases where notifications were not sent properly
because the first URL was failing and the requeuing failed as well.

Also it caused crashes by leaving a dangling pointer in pending_messages.
parent 7134af3d
......@@ -1840,23 +1840,20 @@ notify_got_response (G_GNUC_UNUSED SoupSession *session,
} else {
/* Other failure: Try next callback or signal failure. */
if (data->callbacks->next) {
SoupURI *uri;
SoupSession *service_session;
SoupBuffer *buffer;
guint8 *property_set;
gsize length;
/* Call next callback */
data->callbacks = data->callbacks->next;
uri = soup_uri_new (data->callbacks->data);
soup_message_set_uri (msg, uri);
soup_uri_free (uri);
/* And re-queue */
data->pending_messages =
g_list_prepend (data->pending_messages, msg);
service_session = gupnp_service_get_session (data->service);
soup_session_requeue_message (service_session, msg);
/* Get property-set from old message */
buffer = soup_message_body_flatten (msg->request_body);
soup_buffer_get_data (buffer,
(const guint8 **) &property_set,
notify_subscriber (NULL, data, property_set);
soup_buffer_free (buffer);
} else {
/* Emit 'notify-failed' signal */
GError *error;
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