Commit 271a5182 authored by Brendan Long's avatar Brendan Long

Fix ubuntu dependency on gupnp-1.0-dev.

parent a65b47f9
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ TUP=tup
FEDORA_PACKAGES="gcc vala gupnp-devel libgee-devel json-glib-devel fuse-devel"
UBUNTU_PACKAGES="gcc valac libgupnp-dev libgee-0.8-dev libjson-glib-dev libfuse-dev"
UBUNTU_PACKAGES="gcc valac libgupnp-1.0-dev libgee-0.8-dev libjson-glib-dev libfuse-dev"
if [ -f /etc/fedora-release ]; then
for package in $FEDORA_PACKAGES ; do
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