Commit 8e6d674a authored by Jens Georg's avatar Jens Georg

Check all elements in cds test

parent 3c80283c
......@@ -414,10 +414,16 @@ compare_entries (const char *file, GList *entries)
entry = &test_reference_data[i].data[j];
g_assert_cmpstr (entry->class, ==,
gupnp_cds_last_change_entry_get_class (it->data));
g_assert_cmpstr (entry->parent_id, ==,
gupnp_cds_last_change_entry_get_parent_id (it->data));
g_assert_cmpuint (entry->update_id, ==,
gupnp_cds_last_change_entry_get_update_id (it->data));
g_assert_cmpstr (entry->object_id, ==,
gupnp_cds_last_change_entry_get_object_id (it->data));
g_assert_cmpint (entry->event, ==,
gupnp_cds_last_change_entry_get_event (it->data));
g_assert_cmpint (entry->is_st_update, ==,
gupnp_cds_last_change_entry_is_subtree_update (it->data));
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