Commit e8cdbc0f authored by smaynard's avatar smaynard

remove gst-plugins-dlnasrc and gst-plugins-dtcpip

parent 0952f110
......@@ -91,20 +91,20 @@ if $LIBTOOL_CHANGE_ONLY ; then
# List all modules to setup
GST_MODULES=(orc gstreamer gst-plugins-{base,good,bad,ugly} gst-libav gst-plugins-dlnasrc gst-plugins-dtcpip gst-cablelabs-ruih-test)
GST_MODULES=(orc gstreamer gst-plugins-{base,good,bad,ugly} gst-libav gst-cablelabs-ruih-test)
# List modules that don't have an APT package to install deps from
NO_PACKAGE_MODULES=(gst-plugins-dlnasrc gst-plugins-dtcpip gst-cablelabs-ruih-test)
# Modules that have a "clean-cruft" make target
CLEAN_CRUFT_MODULES=(gstreamer gst-plugins-{base,good,bad,ugly} gst-libav)
# Modules which aren't available upstream
NO_UPSTREAM_MODULES=(gst-plugins-dlnasrc gst-plugins-dtcpip gst-cablelabs-ruih-test)
# Where to find git repos
if ! $USE_UPSTREAM ; then
GITHUB_MODULES=(orc gstreamer gst-plugins-{base,good,bad,ugly} gst-libav gst-plugins-dlnasrc gst-plugins-dtcpip gst-cablelabs-ruih-test)
GITHUB_MODULES=(orc gstreamer gst-plugins-{base,good,bad,ugly} gst-libav gst-cablelabs-ruih-test)
if $INSTALL_DEPS ; then
......@@ -249,13 +249,6 @@ fi
echo "Build successful!"
echo "If you want to use the CableLabs plugins, set the following environment variable (you can add this to your .bashrc if you always want it set):"
echo "export GST_PLUGIN_PATH=$PWD/gst-plugins-dlnasrc/src/.libs:$PWD/gst-plugins-dtcpip/src/.libs"
if [ -d gst-plugins-cablelabs-ruih ] ; then
echo -e "\nNotice:\ngst-plugins-cablelabs-ruih has been replaced by moving gst-plugins-dlnasrc, gst-plugins-dtcpip and gst-cablelabs-ruih-test to the top-level of this folder. Please move your changes to those folders and delete gst-plugins-cablelabs-ruih.\nAlso, update your GST_PLUGIN_PATH using the new path above.\n"
if [ -n "$errors" ] ; then
echo -e "WARNING: non-fatal errors occurred:$errors"
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