Commit 776dea1a authored by Brendan Long's avatar Brendan Long

Revert "Added a "standalone" mode where dlnasrc can supply information about...

Revert "Added a "standalone" mode where dlnasrc can supply information about URI.  This allows webkitwebsrc to remain the src when running in WebKit but reuse logic in dlnasrc for gathering info about dlna content.  Also added a property which will indicate if supplied URI is dlna content.  Added a "is-encrypted" property which indicates if the dlna content is encrypted.  Added methods to retrieve the DTCP/IP host and port for encrypted content.  Changed existing properties to a consistent naming scheme, use "-" rather than "_".  Removed an used member variable "dtcp_key_storage".  Added logic to check if new URI is assigned and not perform unnecessary logic.  If dlnasrc is in "standalone" mode, don't setup bin.  There are some white space changes which gst-indent insists upon - making lines shorter."

This reverts commit 7b5e0eba.
parent e5be177e
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -59,15 +59,13 @@ struct _GstDlnaSrc
GstPad* src_pad;
guint dtcp_blocksize;
gchar* dtcp_key_storage;
gchar *uri;
SoupSession *soup_session;
SoupMessage *soup_msg;
gboolean is_standalone;
gboolean is_dlna;
GstDlnaSrcHeadResponse* server_info;
gfloat rate;
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