Commit 768c497a authored by lorianderson's avatar lorianderson

Merge pull request #127 from cablelabs/ruih/revert-standalone-mode

Revert standalone mode
parents dc30a028 776dea1a
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -57,18 +57,15 @@ struct _GstDlnaSrc
GstElement* dtcp_decrypter;
GstPad* src_pad;
GstPad* sink_pad;
guint dtcp_blocksize;
gchar* dtcp_key_storage;
gchar *uri;
SoupSession *soup_session;
SoupMessage *soup_msg;
gboolean passthru_mode;
gboolean is_dlna;
GstDlnaSrcHeadResponse* server_info;
gfloat rate;
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