Commit 0f7d7f1b authored by Steve Maynard's avatar Steve Maynard

Merge pull request #12 from cablelabs/dlnasrc-39-prop-rates-name-change

Changed the dlnasrc property name from "supported_rates" to "supported-r...
parents cff2a408 5f79727a
......@@ -1304,7 +1304,7 @@ static void on_source_changed(GstElement* element, GParamSpec* param, gpointer d
// Get supported rates property value which is a GArray
g_print("Getting supported rates\n");
GArray* rates_array = NULL;
g_object_get(src, "supported_rates", &rates_array, NULL);
g_object_get(src, "supported-rates", &rates_array, NULL);
if (rates_array != NULL)
g_print("Supported rates cnt: %d\n", rates_array->len);
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