Commit 9224e0b6 authored by Regis Merlino's avatar Regis Merlino
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[Release] Version 0.2.2

Signed-off-by: default avatarRegis Merlino <>
parent 90a4218d
version 0.2.2
- Various build optimizations
- Fix a crash case when the server stops
- Code cleanup
- Documentation fixes
- GetAll: do not fail if the DMR returns an error for GetPositionInf
- Fix a crash case for Rescan()
- Fix #78: MPRIS OpenUri() does not start playing
- Add new SetUri API to Player
- Add OpenNextUri() method
- Handling of the publish_object() connector API change
- Fix bug #97 - dLeyna renderer can crash if renderer dissapears
- Enable byte seek
- Change GetRenderers() API as well as FoundRenderer/LostRenderer
signals: use object paths instead of strings
- Add Network Filtering support
version 0.1.0
- Prepare for first stable branch
libdleyna_rendererincdir = $(includedir)/dleyna-1.0/libdleyna/renderer
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