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[Release] Version 0.0.2

Signed-off-by: default avatarRegis Merlino <>
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version 0.0.2
- Add R/W Mute property support, Mute states are received via
the LastChange event, Mute value is set with a SetMute action.
- Add a new player interface method OpenUriEx, which is the same as
the existing OpenUri one, with an additional metadata parameter to pass
the URI description information in DIDL-Lite XML format.
- Add the X_DLNA_PS transport action support to allow the
playspeeds provided by the renderer once we have provided it a
URI (SetAVTransportURI()) in addition to the renderer default
playspeeds retrieved via the introspection.
- Two new methods have been added to the Manager class, renderer_from_name
and renderer_from_udn. These methods can be used to construct
Renderer objects from UDNs or friendly names
- Fix bug: dleyna-renderer can fail to discover a device if a network
connection is lost during device construction
- Add a Rescan method to Manager interface
- Add script to call `autoreconf -i`
- Renamed a function and two signals in
GetServers() renamed GetRenderers()
FoundServer renamed FoundRenderer
LostServer renamed LostRenderer
- A GetIcon() method is added to the
version 0.0.1
- Initial version of dleyna-renderer.
- Enable support of deleyna-renderer as git submodules.
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