Commit 2555b73c authored by Christophe Guiraud's avatar Christophe Guiraud

[Doc] add with-ua-prefix doc to README

- Add missing with-ua-prefix option doc to the README.
- Fix issue default avatarChristophe Guiraud <>
parent 2b526a9f
......@@ -88,3 +88,11 @@ Set the IPC mechanism to be used.
This option is disabled by default. To enable use --enable-lib-only.
When enabled, only the libdleyna-renderer library is built.
This option allows a prefix to be added to the SOUP session user agent.
For example, --with-ua-prefix=MyPrefix can be used to change a default user
agent string from "dLeyna/0.0.1 GUPnP/0.19.4 DLNADOC/1.50" to
"MyPrefix dLeyna/0.0.1 GUPnP/0.19.4 DLNADOC/1.50".
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