Commit 76e25e99 authored by rygelgit's avatar rygelgit

Added logic to extract URLBase from device xml

If URLBase is present it will be used as prefix to the controlURL.
If not the same host address and ip will be used as the device xml get request
parent 668fa1c2
......@@ -63,6 +63,8 @@ sub lookup_diage_device {
my $doc = $parser->parse_string($dev_temp->getdescription());
my $root = $doc->documentElement();
my @embedded_devices = $root->getElementsByTagName("device");
# Extract the URLBase if available and perfix it to the controlURL
my @base_url = $dev_temp->getdescription() =~ m/<URLBase>(.*)<\/URLBase>/g;
my $device_num =0;
foreach my $temp_embedded_devices (@embedded_devices) {
......@@ -88,7 +90,12 @@ sub lookup_diage_device {
push (@temp_device_ip, @$device_ip_list[$devNum]);
push (@temp_device_port, @$device_port_list[$devNum]);
push (@temp_scpd_url, $temp_services->getChildrenByTagName("controlURL")->string_value());
if ("@base_url" eq '') {
push (@temp_scpd_url, $temp_services->getChildrenByTagName("controlURL")->string_value());
} else {
push (@temp_scpd_url,"@base_url" . $temp_services->getChildrenByTagName("controlURL")->string_value());
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