Commit 83595270 authored by Glenn Adams's avatar Glenn Adams

Update wpt server driver, add pywebsocket.

parent 5207b1b0
......@@ -4,3 +4,6 @@
[submodule "tools/w3c/wptserve"]
path = tools/w3c/wptserve
url =
[submodule "tools/w3c/pywebsocket"]
path = tools/w3c/pywebsocket
url =
Subproject commit b2e1d11086fdf00b33a0d30c504f227e7d4fa86b
This diff is collapsed.
"host": "web-platform.test",
"ports": {
"http": [ 8000, "auto" ],
"https": [ "auto" ]
"check_subdomains": true,
"log_level": "debug",
"bind_hostname": true
{"host": "web-platform.test",
"external_host": null,
"ports":{"http":[8000, "auto"],
"check_subdomains": true,
"bind_hostname": true}
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