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    [EFL][WK2] Make API tests work again · 56469cec
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    Patch by Sergio Correia <sergio.correia@openbossa.org> on 2014-01-12
    Reviewed by Gyuyoung Kim.
    The EFL and WK2 test binaries are currently being generated at *TestWebKitAPI/
    [E]WebKit2, respectively, and this causes problems because the logic to find
    where WebProcess is to look in the same directory of the running process and
    then proceed to use LIBEXECDIR (typically /usr/loca/bin).
    This patch introduces a WEBKIT_EXEC_PATH environment variable, inspired in the
    Gtk port, which allows us to look for WebProcess initially in this directory,
    if it's defined.
    * Source/cmake/OptionsEfl.cmake: Define WEBKIT_EXEC_PATH, to be used by
    [E]WebKit2 tests.
    * Shared/efl/ProcessExecutablePathEfl.cpp:
    (WebKit::findProcessPath): Change the logic to look initially in
    WEBKIT_EXEC_PATH, then proceed with the existing checks.
    * UIProcess/API/efl/tests/UnitTestUtils/EWK2UnitTestEnvironment.cpp:
    Define WEBKIT_EXEC_PATH to be used by EWebKit2 tests.
    * TestWebKitAPI/efl/main.cpp:
    (main): Define WEBKIT_EXEC_PATH to be used by WebKit2 API tests.
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