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    Cleanup plugin snapshotting autostart decision making · 84a90cc7
    dino@apple.com authored
    Reviewed by Tim Horton.
    Move the code that creates a hash of plugin origin info
    out of WebCore. All WebCore needs to do now is simply ask its
    host layer whether or not a tuple of (pluginOrigin, pageOrigin, mimeType)
    should autostart or not.
    As a drive-by, the code in subframeLoaderWillCreatePlugIn was not quite
    restarting properly when the displayState was Restarting or
    RestartingWithPendingMouseClick. It still worked most of the time, but usually
    because the code ran soon after a mouse click. Now it should be explicit and
    also allowed us to be more clear about snapshotting at the end of the method.
    * html/HTMLPlugInElement.h: No more pluginOriginHash().
    * html/HTMLPlugInImageElement.cpp:
    (WebCore::addPlugInsFromNodeListMatchingPlugInOrigin): Change signature to accept the tuple
        described above, and compare strings rather than hashes.
    (WebCore::HTMLPlugInImageElement::userDidClickSnapshot): Tell host layer the origin
        info rather than hash info.
    (WebCore::HTMLPlugInImageElement::subframeLoaderWillCreatePlugIn): Remember the url that
        the plugin was loaded from. Make some of the logging messages more clear. Test for
        plugin and page origin rather than hash.
    * html/HTMLPlugInImageElement.h:
    (WebCore::HTMLPlugInImageElement::loadedUrl): New loadedURL member function.
    * page/PlugInClient.h:
    (PlugInClient): Change signature of virtual class to accept origin and mimeType info
        rather than hash.
    Two major changes to the way snapshotting plugins may autostart.
    The first is that previously WebCore was keeping a hash that
    represented the combination of page origin, plugin origin and
    mime type. WebKit was responsible for deciding if that particular
    hash should autostart. Now, WebKit keeps the hash, and WebCore
    just asks us whether the combination of origins and mimetype
    should start immediately. You can see this change the in WebPluginClient
    and WebProcess APIs.
    The second change is that we now keep two types of structures
    around to decide whether a plugin should autostart. One is the
    existing page + plugin origin combination. The other is simply
    the plugin origin, which allows plugins from major providers
    to autostart no matter what page they were embedded on.
    * Shared/WebProcessCreationParameters.cpp:
    (WebKit::WebProcessCreationParameters::encode): Encode the new parameter.
    (WebKit::WebProcessCreationParameters::decode): Decode the new parameter.
    * Shared/WebProcessCreationParameters.h: Also keep a list of strings around.
    * UIProcess/API/C/WKContext.cpp:
    (WKContextSetPlugInAutoStartOrigins): The C API to send the list of plugin
        origins over to the context.
    * UIProcess/API/C/WKContext.h:
    * UIProcess/Plugins/PlugInAutoStartProvider.cpp:
    (WebKit::PlugInAutoStartProvider::addAutoStartOriginHash): Renamed from addAutoStartOrigin.
        No functional change other than new names for members.
    (WebKit::PlugInAutoStartProvider::autoStartOriginHashesCopy): Ditto.
    (WebKit::PlugInAutoStartProvider::autoStartOriginsTableCopy): Ditto.
    (WebKit::PlugInAutoStartProvider::setAutoStartOriginsTable): Ditto.
    (WebKit::PlugInAutoStartProvider::setAutoStartOriginsArray): New method that converts the
        incoming ImmutableArray into a Vector of Strings.
    (WebKit::PlugInAutoStartProvider::didReceiveUserInteraction): Rename for new members.
    * UIProcess/Plugins/PlugInAutoStartProvider.h: Renaming member variables. Adding
        some typedefs to clean up code.
    (WebKit::PlugInAutoStartProvider::autoStartOrigins): New accessor.
    * UIProcess/WebContext.cpp:
    (WebKit::WebContext::createNewWebProcess): Renaming, and copy the new parameter into the process creation.
    (WebKit::WebContext::addPlugInAutoStartOriginHash): Renaming.
    (WebKit::WebContext::setPlugInAutoStartOriginHashes): Renaming.
    (WebKit::WebContext::setPlugInAutoStartOrigins): New method.
    * UIProcess/WebContext.h: Adds the new setPlugInAutoStartOrigin method.
    * WebProcess/Plugins/PluginView.cpp:
    (WebKit::PluginView::didInitializePlugin): Drive-by fix that was attempting to restart plugins
        that were in the process of restarting.
    (WebKit::PluginView::pluginDidReceiveUserInteraction): Temporarily suspend update of
        expiration time if the user interacts with a plugin.
    * WebProcess/WebCoreSupport/WebPlugInClient.cpp:
    (WebKit::WebPlugInClient::shouldAutoStartFromOrigin): Renaming.
    (WebKit::WebPlugInClient::didStartFromOrigin): Ditto.
    * WebProcess/WebCoreSupport/WebPlugInClient.h: Renaming.
    * WebProcess/WebProcess.cpp: Drive-by - noticed that we forgot to count seconds in
        a timeout threshold.
    (WebKit::WebProcess::initializeWebProcess): Also add the list of origins when we initialize.
    (WebKit::addCaseFoldedCharacters): Copied from WebCore - adds a String to a hash input.
    (WebKit::hashForPlugInOrigin): Copied from WebCore - hashing function.
    (WebKit::WebProcess::isPlugInAutoStartOriginHash): Renaming.
    (WebKit::WebProcess::shouldPlugInAutoStartFromOrigin): Check the list of pure origins first. If
        that fails, fall back to the hash list of pairs.
    (WebKit::WebProcess::plugInDidStartFromOrigin): Renaming.
    (WebKit::WebProcess::didAddPlugInAutoStartOriginHash): Ditto.
    (WebKit::WebProcess::resetPlugInAutoStartOriginHashes): Ditto.
    (WebKit::WebProcess::plugInDidReceiveUserInteraction): Ditto.
    * WebProcess/WebProcess.h: Renaming some methods, but also adding the input of the new
        origin-only list.
    * WebProcess/WebProcess.messages.in: Renaming a message.
    git-svn-id: http://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@146823 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc