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    Frame and Navigator shouldn't need to worry about Geolocation · 047b877c
    abarth@webkit.org authored
    Reviewed by Eric Seidel.
    This patch removes some Geolocation-specific code from Frame and
    Navigator in favor of our new supplemental module mechanism.  We're
    still refining the module system, but we seem to be converging on a
    simple Observer/Supplement design.
    In a future patch, I'll move the remaining Geolocation-related files in
    WebCore into Modules/geolocation.  This patch appears to be the first
    patch that introduces a module used by all the various build systems,
    which is why there's a bit more build system overhead than usual.
    * Modules/geolocation: Added.
    * Modules/geolocation/NavigatorGeolocation.cpp: Added.
    * Modules/geolocation/NavigatorGeolocation.h: Added.
    * Modules/geolocation/NavigatorGeolocation.idl: Added.
        - I've temporarily disabled this API for GObject because it generates
          a strange compile error.  Once I land this patch, I'll spend some
          more time fixing the compile error.
    * page/DOMWindow.cpp:
    * page/DOMWindow.h:
    * page/Frame.cpp:
    * page/FrameDestructionObserver.cpp:
    * page/FrameDestructionObserver.h:
    * page/Navigator.cpp:
    * page/Navigator.h:
    * page/Navigator.idl:
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