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    Add a simple stack abstraction for x86_64 · da98b823
    benjamin@webkit.org authored
    Reviewed by Geoffrey Garen.
    * assembler/MacroAssemblerX86_64.h:
    Add an explicit abstraction for the "lea" instruction. This is needed
    by the experimental JIT to have add and substract without changing the flags.
    This is useful for function calls to test the return value, restore the registers,
    then branch on the flags from the return value.
    StackAllocator provides an abstraction to make it hard to make mistakes and protects from obvious
    issues at runtime.
    The key roles of StackAllocators are:
    -Provide the necessary stack alignment for function calls (only x86_64 stack for now).
    -Provide ways to save registers on the stack, restore or discard them as needed.
    -Crash at runtime if an operation would obviously cause a stack inconsistency.
    The way simple inconsistencies are detected is through the StackReference object
    returned whenever something is added on the stack.
    The object keeps a reference to the offset of what has been pushed. When the StackReference
    is used to recover the register, if the offset is different, there is a missmatch between
    push() and pop() after the object was pushed.
    * cssjit/StackAllocator.h: Added.
    (WebCore::StackAllocator::StackReference::operator unsigned):
    Those helpers provide a simple way to have a valid stack prior to a function call.
    Since StackAllocator knows the offset and the platform rules, it can adjust the stack
    if needed for x86_64.
    (WebCore::StackAllocator::discard): Discard a single register or the full stack.
    (WebCore::StackAllocator::combine): combining stacks is the way to solve branches
    where the stack is used differently in each case.
    To do that, the stack is first copied to A and B. Each branch works on its own
    StackAllocator copy, then the two copies are linked together to the original stack.
    The copies ensure the local consistency in each branch, linking the copies ensure global
    consistencies and that both branches end in the same stack state.
    (WebCore::StackAllocator::offsetToStackReference): Helper function to access the stack by address
    through its StackReference.
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