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    fourthTier: Have fewer Arrayify's · 4cd40f2e
    oliver@apple.com authored
    Reviewed by Mark Hahnenberg.
    A lot of Arrayify's arise because some program saw Int32 arrays early on in
    execution, but then they all got converted to Double arrays and the program
    will never see Int32 arrays ever again. Prior to this change you would always
    have an Arrayify in this case. But with this change, the first time that an
    ArrayProfile is about to go polymorphic in computeUpdatedPrediction(), it
    instead forcibly monomorphises itself to the latest-seen structure.
    Thereafter it will never again perform this monomorphisation. This is
    controlled by ArrayProfile::m_didPerformFirstRunPruning. This is a 5%
    speed-up on Kraken/imaging-gaussian-blur with the FTL enabled, and it
    unblocks a bunch of stuff we want to do in the future because it makes a
    bunch of loops effect-free.
    We will still want to implement Arrayify hoisting in the future, but this is
    great anyway because it's better to not have Arrayifications than it is to
    have hoisted Arrayifications.
    * bytecode/ArrayProfile.cpp:
    * bytecode/ArrayProfile.h:
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