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    2010-08-13 Ojan Vafai <ojan@chromium.org> · 12aca255
    ojan@chromium.org authored
            Reviewed by Darin Adler.
            add ability to test order-of-magnitude in layout tests
            Uses the R^2 value to determine likelihood the performance
            is linear and then logs the x and y axis appropriately to determine
            log n and n^2 cases. These are all estimates though, so we try
            up to three times if we don't get the correct expected result.
            In practice, with the tests below, we almost always get the correct
            result, but sometimes the O(1) tests get registered as O(n) or indeterminate.
            * perf/array-binary-search-expected.txt: Added.
            * perf/array-binary-search.html: Added.
            * perf/array-nested-loop-expected.txt: Added.
            * perf/array-nested-loop.html: Added.
            * perf/array-push-pop-expected.txt: Added.
            * perf/array-push-pop.html: Added.
            * perf/array-reverse-expected.txt: Added.
            * perf/array-reverse.html: Added.
            * perf/object-keys-expected.txt: Added.
            * perf/object-keys.html: Added.
            * perf/set-attribute-expected.txt: Added.
            * perf/set-attribute.html: Added.
            * perf/typing-at-end-of-line-expected.txt: Added.
            * perf/typing-at-end-of-line.html: Added.
            * resources/magnitude-perf.js: Added.
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