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            Import Mozilla LiveConnect 3 test suite
            * java/lc3/sources: Added (many files). Sources for Mozilla test applet.
            * java/jstests.jar: Added in compiled form, since it's unlikely that we'll ever need to
            modify the above sources.
            * java/lc3.java: Added.
            (lc3): This is a small wrapper around jstests.jar. The latter only adds some classes, but
            WebKit needs an actual applet to call into Java.
            (lc3.createQAObject): Instantiate a class defined in jstests.jar by name.
            (lc3.stringToByteArray): A helper to make a byte array out of string. Tests originally
            relied on window.java package interface to do this, but it's not available in WebKit. We
            need more functions like this to work around other uses of window.java, but this is one I
            wrote for now.
            * java/Makefile: Link test applets to Mozilla's jstests.jar. This is not needed for tests
            other than ones imported here, but it's also harmless, and I don't know how to write good
            * java/lc3: Added (many files). Tests were heavily reworked to run to completion, but PASS/FAIL
            results should not be generally relied upon. All html wrappers are identical.
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