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    Provide 2D Matrix decomposition for animation · 3a0b736f
    dino@apple.com authored
    Reviewed by Eric Carlson (and Ian Henderson offline).
    Implement a new 2d matrix blend, which is triggered
    when animating between two affine 3d matrices. This
    is intended to be the official algorithm that gets
    put into the W3C Transforms specification.
    The old code is renamed with a 4 prefix (indicating
    it is a blend between 3d matrices using quaternions),
    and new methods and structures for 2d blending were added.
    I also took the opportunity to clean up a lot of
    bad WebKit style.
    * platform/graphics/ca/GraphicsLayerCA.cpp:
    (WebCore::maxScaleFromTransform): Use 3d decomposition.
    * platform/graphics/transforms/PerspectiveTransformOperation.cpp:
    (WebCore::PerspectiveTransformOperation::blend): Ditto.
    * platform/graphics/transforms/RotateTransformOperation.cpp:
    (WebCore::RotateTransformOperation::blend): Ditto.
    * platform/graphics/transforms/TransformationMatrix.cpp:
    (WebCore::decompose2): New method to decompose an affine 3d matrix
    into X/Y scale + translate, a rotation angle, plus some extracted
    a,b,c,d fields from the affine section.
    (WebCore::decompose4): New name for the old function.
    (WebCore::TransformationMatrix::blend2): Perform linear interpolation
    between two 2d decompositions.
    (WebCore::TransformationMatrix::blend4): New name for the old function.
    (WebCore::TransformationMatrix::blend): Call blend2 or blend4 depending
    on the type of matrix.
    (WebCore::TransformationMatrix::decompose2): Calls into the decompose2
    method above.
    (WebCore::TransformationMatrix::decompose4): New name.
    (WebCore::TransformationMatrix::recompose2): Recomposes a 3d matrix from
    a 2d decomposition.
    (WebCore::TransformationMatrix::recompose4): New name.
    * platform/graphics/transforms/TransformationMatrix.h: All the changes
    for the new methods above.
    This test was only exercising the fact that our
    software decomposition did not match our hardware
    decomposition (although that required visual inspection).
    Now that our 2d decomposition is correct, update the
    test and its expected result.
    * animations/transform-non-accelerated-expected.txt:
    * animations/transform-non-accelerated.html:
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