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    Fixed https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=22870 · 89a55e98
    cmarrin@apple.com authored
            I added calls beginAnimationUpdate() and endAnimationUpdate() calls
            to AnimationController. These are called by Document at the start
            and end of the recalcStyle cycle. Right now, I'm just using the 
            beginAnimationUpdate() method to reset an animation time value.
            The first time the animation time is accessed after this reset I set
            it to the currentTime. So all animations in that cycle get the same
            start time. 
            The test cases checked in test this, but in the case of the 'left'
            test it actually doesn't make any difference in most cases. This is
            because values are clamped to whole pixels, so the start times would 
            have to be pretty far off for the test to fail using the old
            currentTime() model. Still, under really heavy load, it's possible for
            the test to fail without these changes.
            The 'transform' test is another story. It animates to the full resolution
            of a floating point number, so the test fails miserably without this
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