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    2010-09-24 Simon Fraser <simon.fraser@apple.com> · 1a6be832
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            Reviewed by Sam Weinig.
            Accelerated transitions do not suspend/resume properly.
            (1) Fix regression from r68233, where if an animation affected two
            properties, only one would animate. The testcase tests this.
            (2) Fix a flash at the end of an animation or transition that has been
            paused and resumed. The flash occurred because we used CAAnimation's
            timeOffset when resuming to push the start of the animation into
            the past. However, timeOffset does not play nicely with fill modes,
            causing a single frame of animation with the element in its unanimated state.
            Fixed this by offsetting the beginTime into the past, rather than setting
            timeOffset. Normally we submit animations with beginTime == 0, and rely
            on CA assigning a beginTime when the animation is committed. This beginTime
            is then passed to AnimationController to sync hardware and software animations.
            However, since the code now assigns beginTimes in the past (on resume),
            we now have to denote whether we've done this, and send an appropriate
            timestamp back to AnimationController.
            (3) Finally, the patch removes PropertyAnimationPair and just uses LayerPropertyAnimation
            instead. This is just cleanup.
            Test: animations/opacity-transform-animation.html
            * platform/graphics/mac/GraphicsLayerCA.h: Remove PropertyAnimationPair,
            and change AnimationsMap to store a vector of LayerPropertyAnimation.
            New method, animationDidStart(), is called from the -animationDidStart: callback.
            * platform/graphics/mac/GraphicsLayerCA.mm:
            (-[WebAnimationDelegate animationDidStart:]): Just call m_graphicsLayer->animationDidStart()
            (WebCore::animationIdentifier): We need to pass in the property, to fix (1)
            (WebCore::GraphicsLayerCA::moveOrCopyAnimationsForProperty): Copy the WebKitAnimationBeginTimeSet
            value, if present.
            (WebCore::GraphicsLayerCA::animationDidStart): Call notifyAnimationStarted() on the client,
            after testing if we set a non-zero beginTime on this particular animation.
            (WebCore::GraphicsLayerCA::updateLayerAnimations): Change to use LayerPropertyAnimation.
            (WebCore::GraphicsLayerCA::setCAAnimationOnLayer): Set value for WebKitAnimationBeginTimeSetKey
            if we have a non-zero timeOffset. Make animationID an NSString, to avoid several conversions.
            (WebCore::GraphicsLayerCA::removeCAAnimationFromLayer):  Make animationID an NSString, to
            avoid several conversions.
            (WebCore::copyAnimationProperties): Copy WebKitAnimationBeginTimeSetKey if present.
            (WebCore::GraphicsLayerCA::pauseCAAnimationOnLayer): Make animationID an NSString, to avoid
            several conversions.
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