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    2010-03-05 Dean Jackson <dino@apple.com> · ef771d33
    dino@apple.com authored
            Reviewed by Simon Fraser and Chris Marrin.
            Bug 26869: Add fill modes for CSS Animations
            Tests: animations/fill-mode-removed.html
            * css/CSSComputedStyleDeclaration.cpp:
            * css/CSSParser.cpp:
            * css/CSSParser.h:
            * css/CSSPropertyNames.in:
            * css/CSSStyleSelector.cpp:
            * css/CSSStyleSelector.h:
            * css/CSSValueKeywords.in:
                - parse, assign and retrieve the value of the new
                  -webkit-animation-fill-mode property
            * page/animation/AnimationBase.cpp:
            * page/animation/AnimationBase.h:
                - new state in animation engine for a finished animation
                  that is "filling" forwards in time. This allows the
                  engine to keep the animation around and not revert to the
                  old style.
                - update the timer code to indicate it doesn't need to
                  keep animating if it is filling
                - now that animations can extend beyond their elapsed time,
                  make sure progress works correctly with iteration counts
            * page/animation/KeyframeAnimation.cpp:
                - ensure correct style value is returned at the right
                  time by checking for fill mode
                - continue to send the end event, but only remove the
                  animation if it isn't filling forwards
            * platform/animation/Animation.cpp:
            * platform/animation/Animation.h:
                - new fill mode member property
            * platform/animation/AnimationList.cpp:
                - ensure the fill mode is propagated to a list of style valus
            * platform/graphics/mac/GraphicsLayerCA.mm:
                - make hardware layers use Core Animation's fill mode
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