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      2010-04-25 Antonio Gomes <tonikitoo@webkit.org> · 444dff87
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              Reviewed by Darin Adler.
              Clicking a scrollbar blurs the currently focused element
              WebKit ports that do not use native (platform) widgets for rendering the scrollbars
              are currently mismatching a common behaviour of other browser vendors (including
              Firefox and Opera): clicking on a frame scrollbar *should not* steal focus from content.
              WebKit browsers based ports that do use WebCore for handling scrollbars, like QtWebKit for
              instance, can observe the opposite behaviour.
              Patch fixes this behaviour by checking if current MouseDown event targets a frame scrollbar.
              If that is the case, it bails out and do not change focus behavior at all.
              It is important to note that the given way this is implemented by this patch, non-frame
              scrollbars (e.g. a vertical scrollbar of an overflowed textareas or divs) will keep working
              in the same way as it works currently.
              Tests: scrollbars/scrollbar-click-does-not-blur-content.html
              * page/EventHandler.cpp:
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