1. 15 Aug, 2012 1 commit
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      z-index should work without position on flexitems · a4039c89
      ojan@chromium.org authored
      Reviewed by Tony Chang.
      Require a layer on any RenderBox that has a non-auto z-index.
      Statically positioned, non-flex-item's have their z-index coerced to auto,
      so it's safe to check z-index unconditionally.
      Test: css3/flexbox/z-index.html
      * css/StyleResolver.cpp:
      -Don't coerce z-index to auto on statically positioned flex-items.
      -Use the parentStyle to determine if the parent is a flexbox instead of
      looking at the element's parentNode's renderer.
      * rendering/RenderBox.h:
      -Add having a non-auto z-index to the list of things that require a layer.
      * css3/flexbox/z-index-expected.html: Added.
      * css3/flexbox/z-index.html: Added.
      Use a ref-test since we want to be sure that the elements get painted in the right order.
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