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Fixed the changelog, copied the same thing into both on accident.

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No Support for Single Finger or Two Finger Panning in Windows 7
The code in WebCore allows us to interpret a Pan gesture as
a mousewheel event, and we are able to reuse the scrolling code.
Another constructor was created in WheelEventWin which takes data
better suited to the pan guesture than what was currently there.
Unable to add tests to simulate touch behavior/gestures.
Added the code necessary for single finger and two-finger panning with
window bounce. We now register for WM_GESTURENOTIFY and WM_GESTURE messages,
and interpret the panning command. Also, added WindowsTouch.h which contains
structs and #defines from the Windows 7 SDK.
* platform/PlatformWheelEvent.h:
* platform/win/WheelEventWin.cpp:
* WebKit.vcproj/WebKit.vcproj:
* WebView.cpp:
(WebView::gestureNotify): Checks if we are in a pannable region - IE: Not in the scrollbar
(WebView::gesture): Handles the Panning gesture, creating the WheelEvent
(WebViewWndProc): Added cases for WM_GESTURE and WM_GESTURENOTIFY
* WebView.h:
* WindowsTouch.h: Added.
2009-06-18 Adam Barth <>
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