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[wx] Build fix, add file missing from DOM bindings commit.

git-svn-id: 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc
parent d351836c
2010-07-29 Kevin Ollivier <>
[wx] Build fix, add file missing from DOM bindings commit.
* WebEdit.cpp: Added.
2010-07-28 Kevin Ollivier <>
[wx] wxPython build fix that was missed in last commit.
#include "config.h"
#include "WebEdit.h"
#include "AtomicString.h"
#include "CompositeEditCommand.h"
#include "Document.h"
#include "Frame.h"
#include "HTMLNames.h"
#include "QualifiedName.h"
#include "StringImpl.h"
#include "WebFrame.h"
#include "WebDOMElement.h"
namespace WebCore {
class WebCoreEditCommand: public CompositeEditCommand
WebCoreEditCommand(WebCore::Document* document)
: CompositeEditCommand(document)
{ }
void setElementAttribute(PassRefPtr<Element> element, const QualifiedName& attribute, const AtomicString& value)
setNodeAttribute(element, attribute, value);
// composite commands are applied as they are added, so we don't
// need doApply to do anything.
virtual void doApply() {}
wxWebEditCommand::wxWebEditCommand(wxWebFrame* webframe)
if (webframe) {
WebCore::Frame* frame = webframe->GetFrame();
if (frame && frame->document())
m_impl = new WebCore::WebCoreEditCommand(frame->document());
// the impl. is ref-counted, so don't delete it as it may be in an undo/redo stack
if (m_impl)
m_impl = 0;
void wxWebEditCommand::SetNodeAttribute(WebDOMElement* element, const wxString& name, const wxString& value)
if (m_impl)
m_impl->setElementAttribute(element->impl(), WebCore::QualifiedName(WebCore::nullAtom, WebCore::String(name), WebCore::nullAtom), WebCore::String(value));
void wxWebEditCommand::Apply()
if (m_impl)
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