Commit 41aa5381 authored by's avatar

2010-05-04 Chris Marrin <>

        Reviewed by Simon Fraser.

        Made composited iframes work on Windows

        I've added one new test (composited-parent-iframe.html) which
        shows both the parent iframe and the iframe contents document
        with compositing. It also shows correct behavior with clipping,
        borders, margins, padding and shadows. It also sets the iframe
        size as a percent of the page to show correct resizing behavior.
        The existing composited-iframe.html has been changed similarly
        but without the page resizing. The existing preserve-3d-switching.html
        test needed new results because of changes to the layer dumper.

        * compositing/geometry/preserve-3d-switching-expected.txt:
        * compositing/iframes/composited-iframe.html:
        * compositing/iframes/composited-parent-iframe.html: Added.
        * compositing/iframes/resources/composited-subframe.html:
        * platform/win/compositing/iframes/composited-iframe-expected.txt:
        * platform/win/compositing/iframes/composited-parent-iframe-expected.txt: Added.

git-svn-id: 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc
parent 10c77cf0
......@@ -52,12 +52,8 @@
Unreviewed, expectations change.
Mark fast/forms/placeholder-pseudo-style.html as an IMAGE diff on
chromium-linux . This was mistaken deleted earlier today. Mark
fast/dom/clone-node-z-index.html as a TEXT diff on chromium-win; I
haven't looked at this yet but I need to roll past this to get the
new-run-webkit-tests change I checked in in r58789 downstream to
the Chromium bots.
Delete the chromium-linux fast/text/international/bold-bengali failure;
it doesn't fail any more.
* platform/chromium/test_expectations.txt:
......@@ -2763,9 +2763,6 @@ BUGWK38099 WIN LINUX : svg/custom/broken-internal-references.svg = IMAGE+TEXT
BUGWK38108 MAC : fast/backgrounds/size/contain-and-cover.html = IMAGE
// WebKit roll 58304:58400
// We're reverting the patch that fixed this test on Linux due to
// the perf regression described in the bug.
BUG42760 LINUX : fast/text/international/bold-bengali.html = FAIL
// Skip since not relevant
BUGUKAI WIN MAC SKIP : fast/text/international/bold-bengali.html = FAIL
......@@ -2798,7 +2795,6 @@ BUG43084 MAC DEBUG : media/video-empty-source.html = IMAGE
// Might revert these:
BUGYAAR : fast/css/input-search-padding.html = IMAGE+TEXT
BUGYAAR WIN LINUX : fast/forms/search-vertical-alignment.html = IMAGE
BUGYAAR LINUX : fast/forms/placeholder-pseudo-style.html = IMAGE
BUGYAAR MAC : fast/forms/search-zoomed.html = IMAGE
BUGYAAR WIN : fast/forms/searchfield-heights.html = IMAGE
......@@ -2820,4 +2816,3 @@ BUGDPRANKE MAC : editing/selection/caret-rtl-2.html = IMAGE
BUGJOHNNYG DEFER : fast/notifications/notifications-replace.html = TEXT
BUGJOHNNYG DEFER : fast/notifications/notifications-rtl.html = TEXT
BUGDPRANKE WIN : fast/dom/clone-node-z-index.html = TEXT
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