Commit 2ac8d3d5 authored by's avatar

2010-08-13 Nate Chapin <>

        Unreviewed, Chromium test_expectations.txt updates + a rebaseline

        * platform/chromium-linux/svg/custom/absolute-sized-content-with-resources-expected.txt: Added.
        * platform/chromium/test_expectations.txt:

git-svn-id: 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc
parent be956fc5
2010-08-13 Nate Chapin <>
Unreviewed, Chromium test_expectations.txt updates + a rebaseline
* platform/chromium-linux/svg/custom/absolute-sized-content-with-resources-expected.txt: Added.
* platform/chromium/test_expectations.txt:
2010-08-13 Sheriff Bot <>
Unreviewed, rolling out r65204.
layer at (0,0) size 800x600
RenderView at (0,0) size 800x600
layer at (0,0) size 800x462
RenderBlock {html} at (0,0) size 800x462
RenderBody {body} at (8,16) size 784x438
RenderBlock {p} at (0,0) size 784x20
RenderText {#text} at (0,0) size 725x19
text run at (0,0) width 725: "The svg area contained in the div element (red box), should contain four masked circles, that do not pixelate after resizing"
RenderBlock {div} at (0,36) size 402x402 [border: (1px solid #FF0000)]
RenderSVGRoot {svg} at (42,119) size 334x268
RenderSVGHiddenContainer {defs} at (0,0) size 0x0
RenderSVGResourceLinearGradient {linearGradient} [id="gradient"] [gradientUnits=objectBoundingBox] [start=(0,0)] [end=(1,1)]
RenderSVGGradientStop {stop} [offset=0.00] [color=#0000FF]
RenderSVGGradientStop {stop} [offset=1.00] [color=#FF0000]
RenderSVGResourceMasker {mask} [id="mask"] [maskUnits=userSpaceOnUse] [maskContentUnits=userSpaceOnUse]
RenderPath {circle} at (9,53) size 167x200 [fill={[type=SOLID] [color=#FFFFFF]}] [data="M45.00,20.00 L44.96,21.26 L44.84,22.51 L44.65,23.75 L44.37,24.97 L44.02,26.18 L43.60,27.36 L43.10,28.52 L42.53,29.64 L41.89,30.72 L41.18,31.76 L40.41,32.75 L39.58,33.69 L38.69,34.58 L37.75,35.41 L36.76,36.18 L35.72,36.89 L34.64,37.53 L33.52,38.10 L32.36,38.60 L31.18,39.02 L29.97,39.37 L28.75,39.65 L27.51,39.84 L26.26,39.96 L25.00,40.00 L23.74,39.96 L22.49,39.84 L21.25,39.65 L20.03,39.37 L18.82,39.02 L17.64,38.60 L16.48,38.10 L15.36,37.53 L14.28,36.89 L13.24,36.18 L12.25,35.41 L11.31,34.58 L10.42,33.69 L9.59,32.75 L8.82,31.76 L8.11,30.72 L7.47,29.64 L6.90,28.52 L6.40,27.36 L5.98,26.18 L5.63,24.97 L5.35,23.75 L5.16,22.51 L5.04,21.26 L5.00,20.00 L5.04,18.74 L5.16,17.49 L5.35,16.25 L5.63,15.03 L5.98,13.82 L6.40,12.64 L6.90,11.48 L7.47,10.36 L8.11,9.28 L8.82,8.24 L9.59,7.25 L10.42,6.31 L11.31,5.42 L12.25,4.59 L13.24,3.82 L14.28,3.11 L15.36,2.47 L16.48,1.90 L17.64,1.40 L18.82,0.98 L20.03,0.63 L21.25,0.35 L22.49,0.16 L23.74,0.04 L25.00,0.00 L26.26,0.04 L27.51,0.16 L28.75,0.35 L29.97,0.63 L31.18,0.98 L32.36,1.40 L33.52,1.90 L34.64,2.47 L35.72,3.11 L36.76,3.82 L37.75,4.59 L38.69,5.42 L39.58,6.31 L40.41,7.25 L41.18,8.24 L41.89,9.28 L42.53,10.36 L43.10,11.48 L43.60,12.64 L44.02,13.82 L44.37,15.03 L44.65,16.25 L44.84,17.49 L44.96,18.74 Z"]
RenderPath {circle} at (9,253) size 167x200 [fill={[type=SOLID] [color=#FFFFFF]}] [data="M45.00,60.00 L44.96,61.26 L44.84,62.51 L44.65,63.75 L44.37,64.97 L44.02,66.18 L43.60,67.36 L43.10,68.52 L42.53,69.64 L41.89,70.72 L41.18,71.76 L40.41,72.75 L39.58,73.69 L38.69,74.58 L37.75,75.41 L36.76,76.18 L35.72,76.89 L34.64,77.53 L33.52,78.10 L32.36,78.60 L31.18,79.02 L29.97,79.37 L28.75,79.65 L27.51,79.84 L26.26,79.96 L25.00,80.00 L23.74,79.96 L22.49,79.84 L21.25,79.65 L20.03,79.37 L18.82,79.02 L17.64,78.60 L16.48,78.10 L15.36,77.53 L14.28,76.89 L13.24,76.18 L12.25,75.41 L11.31,74.58 L10.42,73.69 L9.59,72.75 L8.82,71.76 L8.11,70.72 L7.47,69.64 L6.90,68.52 L6.40,67.36 L5.98,66.18 L5.63,64.97 L5.35,63.75 L5.16,62.51 L5.04,61.26 L5.00,60.00 L5.04,58.74 L5.16,57.49 L5.35,56.25 L5.63,55.03 L5.98,53.82 L6.40,52.64 L6.90,51.48 L7.47,50.36 L8.11,49.28 L8.82,48.24 L9.59,47.25 L10.42,46.31 L11.31,45.42 L12.25,44.59 L13.24,43.82 L14.28,43.11 L15.36,42.47 L16.48,41.90 L17.64,41.40 L18.82,40.98 L20.03,40.63 L21.25,40.35 L22.49,40.16 L23.74,40.04 L25.00,40.00 L26.26,40.04 L27.51,40.16 L28.75,40.35 L29.97,40.63 L31.18,40.98 L32.36,41.40 L33.52,41.90 L34.64,42.47 L35.72,43.11 L36.76,43.82 L37.75,44.59 L38.69,45.42 L39.58,46.31 L40.41,47.25 L41.18,48.24 L41.89,49.28 L42.53,50.36 L43.10,51.48 L43.60,52.64 L44.02,53.82 L44.37,55.03 L44.65,56.25 L44.84,57.49 L44.96,58.74 Z"]
RenderPath {circle} at (242,53) size 167x200 [fill={[type=SOLID] [color=#FFFFFF]}] [data="M95.00,20.00 L94.96,21.26 L94.84,22.51 L94.65,23.75 L94.37,24.97 L94.02,26.18 L93.60,27.36 L93.10,28.52 L92.53,29.64 L91.89,30.72 L91.18,31.76 L90.41,32.75 L89.58,33.69 L88.69,34.58 L87.75,35.41 L86.76,36.18 L85.72,36.89 L84.64,37.53 L83.52,38.10 L82.36,38.60 L81.18,39.02 L79.97,39.37 L78.75,39.65 L77.51,39.84 L76.26,39.96 L75.00,40.00 L73.74,39.96 L72.49,39.84 L71.25,39.65 L70.03,39.37 L68.82,39.02 L67.64,38.60 L66.48,38.10 L65.36,37.53 L64.28,36.89 L63.24,36.18 L62.25,35.41 L61.31,34.58 L60.42,33.69 L59.59,32.75 L58.82,31.76 L58.11,30.72 L57.47,29.64 L56.90,28.52 L56.40,27.36 L55.98,26.18 L55.63,24.97 L55.35,23.75 L55.16,22.51 L55.04,21.26 L55.00,20.00 L55.04,18.74 L55.16,17.49 L55.35,16.25 L55.63,15.03 L55.98,13.82 L56.40,12.64 L56.90,11.48 L57.47,10.36 L58.11,9.28 L58.82,8.24 L59.59,7.25 L60.42,6.31 L61.31,5.42 L62.25,4.59 L63.24,3.82 L64.28,3.11 L65.36,2.47 L66.48,1.90 L67.64,1.40 L68.82,0.98 L70.03,0.63 L71.25,0.35 L72.49,0.16 L73.74,0.04 L75.00,0.00 L76.26,0.04 L77.51,0.16 L78.75,0.35 L79.97,0.63 L81.18,0.98 L82.36,1.40 L83.52,1.90 L84.64,2.47 L85.72,3.11 L86.76,3.82 L87.75,4.59 L88.69,5.42 L89.58,6.31 L90.41,7.25 L91.18,8.24 L91.89,9.28 L92.53,10.36 L93.10,11.48 L93.60,12.64 L94.02,13.82 L94.37,15.03 L94.65,16.25 L94.84,17.49 L94.96,18.74 Z"]
RenderPath {circle} at (242,253) size 167x200 [fill={[type=SOLID] [color=#FFFFFF]}] [data="M95.00,60.00 L94.96,61.26 L94.84,62.51 L94.65,63.75 L94.37,64.97 L94.02,66.18 L93.60,67.36 L93.10,68.52 L92.53,69.64 L91.89,70.72 L91.18,71.76 L90.41,72.75 L89.58,73.69 L88.69,74.58 L87.75,75.41 L86.76,76.18 L85.72,76.89 L84.64,77.53 L83.52,78.10 L82.36,78.60 L81.18,79.02 L79.97,79.37 L78.75,79.65 L77.51,79.84 L76.26,79.96 L75.00,80.00 L73.74,79.96 L72.49,79.84 L71.25,79.65 L70.03,79.37 L68.82,79.02 L67.64,78.60 L66.48,78.10 L65.36,77.53 L64.28,76.89 L63.24,76.18 L62.25,75.41 L61.31,74.58 L60.42,73.69 L59.59,72.75 L58.82,71.76 L58.11,70.72 L57.47,69.64 L56.90,68.52 L56.40,67.36 L55.98,66.18 L55.63,64.97 L55.35,63.75 L55.16,62.51 L55.04,61.26 L55.00,60.00 L55.04,58.74 L55.16,57.49 L55.35,56.25 L55.63,55.03 L55.98,53.82 L56.40,52.64 L56.90,51.48 L57.47,50.36 L58.11,49.28 L58.82,48.24 L59.59,47.25 L60.42,46.31 L61.31,45.42 L62.25,44.59 L63.24,43.82 L64.28,43.11 L65.36,42.47 L66.48,41.90 L67.64,41.40 L68.82,40.98 L70.03,40.63 L71.25,40.35 L72.49,40.16 L73.74,40.04 L75.00,40.00 L76.26,40.04 L77.51,40.16 L78.75,40.35 L79.97,40.63 L81.18,40.98 L82.36,41.40 L83.52,41.90 L84.64,42.47 L85.72,43.11 L86.76,43.82 L87.75,44.59 L88.69,45.42 L89.58,46.31 L90.41,47.25 L91.18,48.24 L91.89,49.28 L92.53,50.36 L93.10,51.48 L93.60,52.64 L94.02,53.82 L94.37,55.03 L94.65,56.25 L94.84,57.49 L94.96,58.74 Z"]
RenderSVGContainer {g} at (42,119) size 334x268
RenderPath {rect} at (42,119) size 334x268 [fill={[type=LINEAR-GRADIENT] [id="gradient"]}] [data="M0.00,0.00 L100.00,0.00 L100.00,80.00 L0.00,80.00 Z"]
[masker="mask"] RenderSVGResourceMasker {mask} at (25,20) size 50x40
RenderText {#text} at (0,0) size 0x0
caret: position 124 of child 0 {#text} of child 1 {p} of body
......@@ -3194,6 +3194,10 @@ BUGWK43912 WIN LINUX : svg/custom/mask-with-all-units.svg = IMAGE
BUGWK43912 WIN LINUX : svg/custom/mask-with-default-value.svg = IMAGE
BUGWK43912 WIN LINUX : svg/zoom/page/zoom-mask-with-percentages.svg = IMAGE
// Windows needs text-only rebasline
BUGJAPHET WIN : svg/custom/absolute-sized-content-with-resources.xhtml = IMAGE+TEXT
BUGWK43912 LINUX : svg/custom/absolute-sized-content-with-resources.xhtml = IMAGE
// Crash reported by Japhet in Windows due to r65208
BUG52014 WIN DEBUG : editing/pasteboard/smart-paste-003.html = PASS CRASH
BUG52014 WIN DEBUG : editing/pasteboard/smart-paste-004.html = PASS CRASH
......@@ -3201,4 +3205,6 @@ BUG52014 WIN DEBUG : editing/pasteboard/smart-paste-004.html = PASS CRASH
// Times out frequently since the test was added
BUG52017 MAC LINUX : http/tests/misc/isindex-with-no-form.html = PASS TIMEOUT
// Probably due to
BUGJAPHET MAC : fast/canvas/webgl/texture-npot.html = TEXT
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